Jessica Chao was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she studied and practiced art until her recent move to Louisville, KY in December 2019.


She received her bachelors of fine arts at the University of New Mexico in 2012 with a focus of lithography and oil painting. As an active member of the art community, Jessica exhibits her artwork in local galleries throughout Albuquerque. Jessica is also currently an active member of the Graft Art Collective where she curates art exhibitions and host workshops with other team members. 


Drawing, painting, and printmaking techniques are used to translate Jessica Chao’s constant interest in the realm of dark arts.  Her work can be described as dark and almost disturbing, yet subtly engaging towards the audience with the intricacy of detail.  Many of Jessica’s work includes portrayals of ‘out of the ordinary’ states of being by altering familiar surroundings, objects, or attributes associated with typical human or animal behavior. 


These familiar yet subtly deceptive ‘out of the ordinary’ states can be complex, but can also seem quite obvious in their presentation.  Psychological states can be implied through carefully orchestrated narrative moments and in these moments are glimpses; not simply motion stills, but captured moments through which the subject engages the observer, allowing the observer to react to the subject’s experience.   Jessica's work intentionally emphasizes, as well as ‘peculiarizes’, the familiar, drawing attention to undercurrents of hidden meaning.  

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